Lirik Lagu You & I yang Dinyanyikan oleh Diego Gonzalez, Lagu yang Viral di TikTok

- Senin, 23 Januari 2023 | 22:00 WIB
Lirik lagu You & I yang dinyanyikan oleh Diego Gonzalez. (tangkapan layar YouTube/Diego Gonzalez)
Lirik lagu You & I yang dinyanyikan oleh Diego Gonzalez. (tangkapan layar YouTube/Diego Gonzalez) - Lagu berjudul "You & I" merupakan lagu yang dibawakan oleh Diego Gonzalez.

Lagu "You & I" dirilis pada 25 November 2022.

Lagu ini bisa didengarkan di berbagai platform musik seperti Spotify hingga YouTube.

Lagu "You & I" ini viral di aplikasi Tiktok. Musiknya yang easy listening berhasil memikat banyak orang.

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Berikut sajikan lirik "You & I" dari Diego Gonzalez.

"You & I"

And I'll never leave you
And you are the one that was there for me

And I
I cannot lose you again
There's something so special about you
And I can't shake this great feeling

I don't wanna lose
I don't wanna leave
Tell me everything we could be
I just want somebody that'll love me
Baby tell me everything we can see

I just been here standing then
I fell in love with you
You're meant for me oh
Baby now
I love you

You make me feel so amazing
(Yes you do)
And if its not you (If it's not you)
I'd rather be alone instead

I just wanna know a little more
Am I someone that you can adore?
I just don't wanna lose someone like you
And I just been here waiting
For something to happen between us

And that time will be spent with you
And baby I'll never run
Yeah I know you're the one
My heart is set on to you
And I'll never find someone new


Editor: Sigit Wibisono


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